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Happy New Year 1~1~2011

Hello Y’all!

Wow! This is 2011 😀 I’m so happy! I’m using this medium to wish You all a Happy New Year! and i pray it will be a great year for us all.

I’m so so sorry i haven’t been updating my blog lately, School  and Life generally have got me so tied up all i ever do in my free time is sleep and tweet. Life in UNILAG hasn’t been easy i tell ya! 😦  But i promise to update my blog more often this year. 🙂

The First month of school has been very confusing. You know…still familiarizing myself with the environment and getting to know how they run things in school and everything’s just happening so fast sometimes i find myself doing things i don’t understand just cos my peers are doing it.  After figuring i had to spend a lot time in school everyday(Monday~ Sunday)..Yes! I have no weekend breaks. Lectures and tutorials. I figured me attending all those won’t help if i don’t find time to study.

So i decided to utilize the school Library. It was a funny experience because i went in there with the expectation of siting down comfortably and studying to my satisfaction. I got in there and i wasn’t disappointed as the Library is well furnished,and packed with books..(tho most are outdated) and very comfortable…too comfortable i guess cos it was a great battle staying awake with the AC cooling my brain lol 🙂 ..Spent close to 1hr battling to stay awake and after that i got over it and studied for a few hours.

I think imma stick to my Library until i get better alternatives. If you have sudy tips that can really help me please feel free to drop them on d comment page. Will read through this blog for study tips i’v posted earlier. I really wanna excel in my academics…i mean who doesn’t? 🙂

Ok apart from school how was y’allz Xmas? Mine has been too dry..Just plain boring n got ma a** broke this period so fun was a fantasy all through 😦 Was just at home sleeping n watching t.v. I’m happy i made it to 2011 safe and healthy knowing fully well that where there is Life there is Hope.(i hope dats how d sayn goes)

The year 2011 Shallbe a Year of Divine Visitation, Fulfillment,Bliss,Blessings,Wealth and all the Good things of Life in The Name of Jesus!…Lemme hear y’all say A.M.E.N!!!

Oh yeah! Once again if y’all got suggestions or just tell me how you students manage to get good grades in school i’d really appreciate. Thank you in advance.

its 04:35AM and i’m tired AF!…Gotta go get some sleep. #in2010 so many things will change in my life n tweeting/sleeping habit’s the main focus. Hope y’all didnt get too bored reading this. Drop your comments and Have a great day.


The Nigerian Police

This is the Nigerian Police as we interact on a day-to-day basis in my area:

Police: Hey boy ! identify your self?

Boy : well i’m Ibrahim and i am a UNILAG student

Police: Wey your I.D Card?

Boy: I be fresher naw dem neva give us

Police: Fresh wetin? #edondeymadt abi?

Boy: I just start

Police: So you don press laptop chop oyinbo money finish now u dey lie say na student you be.

Boy: Oga no be so ooo

Police: Wetin dey inside your bag?

Boy: Na my laptop and books

Police: Where you see money buy laptop and this your watch and chain sef?

Boy: Na my mama buy am o..

Police2: Shuo! no be this boy dem dey call arabmoney for shomolu?

Police; Arab what?!!? Good, you are under arrest !

Boy: why na? Police : for prohibition !

Boy : ‘WHAT’ ? Police ; you exhibit too much swaggz plus you be yahoo boy

Boy: Oga no be so naw

Police: c’mon sharrap and enter motor!

Boy : *laughs* oga I understand you,oya manage this N2000

Police: Add something my oga*DPO* dey motor so and him go take him share

Boy: O.C I swear na N500 extra i get here..i be your boy naw we dey area.

Police: You these yahoo boys ehn…una no dey like show for station come greet us

Boy: No vex my oga just manage this N2,500

Police : you get mouth !..I go dey expect you o!

Boy: No wahala Oga mi #OKbye

Morals: The Police is your friend. Just settle dem. 🙂

Welcome To Lagos!!!

Hello Readers,

Hope y’all having a great day cos i am :). As y’all must have figured out; This blog was created solely to blog about my school life as a Fresher when school gets in session. But before then, wouldn’t be a bad idea to have y’all get to know me (will update my “ABOUT” page soon) and where i’m from would it? So today i’m blogging bout  The city of Lagos,Nigeria. I grew up here and i school here,basically i have lived all of my life here and i’m just gonna talk about a few stuffs i know about Lagos. If you want to know more like demographics,Geographic info,History n sturvz click here cos i ain’t going into all that.

Will be talking about: Little of “About” ..ish,The People,Schools,Food,Fun Spots and NightLife(My Favorite). Here goes:

“About n..ish!”

Lagos is a port and the most populous conurbation in Nigeria. It is currently the second most populous city in Africa after Cairo,Egypt and is estimated to be the fastest growing city in Africa (UN-HABITAT, 2008) and the seventh fastest growing in the world.The city is the economic and financial capital of Nigeria. It is in the South-Western part of the country.

With a population of over 8Million and counting being the most populous State in Nigeria no be small thing o! lol. The city is peaceful and like any other city has the rural and urban areas. I’d like to call my neighborhood the #UrbanGhetto  cos it aint that bad 🙂

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria in so many ways other than FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY ABUJA(Capital of Nigeria). Its the capital of Nigerian Fashion,Entertainment,Business and all sorts. People from every part of the Country Troop into Lagos to search for greener pastures.Hence the Dense Population.

Everything in Lagos is extreme. When it rains it really rains! When its sunny its really hot! and hustle is at its best here.They say “if you can make it in Lagos you can make it anywhere” 😀

The People”

Ok this is gonna be quick. Lagos residents are one in a million. #Gbam! You just know someone is from Lagos when you see their dressing,hairstyle and the way they behave. Swagger un-flawed lol. The people are friendly and love to show off :D..Yeah! is it bad to flaunt it if you got it? NO!

Lagos is like a mini-Nigeria. Cos here we have everybody here from every nook and cranny of the country.  The main language in Lagos is Yoruba. But you get people from diff parts of the country here with the diverse culture and Language. Communication and Business is facilitated easily between people of different tribes  because we have a General Language in Nigeria which is spoken by everyone in the country. Pidgin English is like our own version of the English Language.


In Lagos there are so many schools from Kindergarten to Universities,Colleges of Education,Polytechnics,Technical Schools and more. Some examinations are required to be passed before you can be accepted in these schools though. The schools here are of the best standards and I’m a proud student of the proverbial “BEST OF THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN NIGERIA” the University of Lagos(UNILAG) 🙂


Like i said in the “People” paragraph, There are people with diverse cultures here and different varieties of food.Which is why i love Lagos the most 🙂

We have countless delicacies here and i’d just mention a want more? google it lol. We have Eba,Fufu,Pounded Yam,Starch,Amala,Wheat among others and we have hulalacious soups that go with the *Okele* i just mentioned: Egusi,Oha,Ogbona,Ewedu,Efo Riro and more 🙂

“Fun Spots”

Lagos is the home of fun,Investors troop in to invest in pleasure spots here because Lagosians love to party and have a good time. Besides why go all throught the hustle if you ain’t gonna spend your money and live large perse(y) lol

We have shopping malls with Cinemas in them,Beaches,Amusement parks,Swim pools,Casino,Bowling Alley,Fast food outlets, Gymnasia’s,hotels and more everywhere. For pleasure Lagos is the place. Examples of Places you can visit in Lagos: Silverbird Galleria,Shoprite,E-Centre,EKO Hotel amongst others.

“Night Life”

The most interesting time in Lagos by far is the Night. Lagos is the city that never sleeps! Clubs everywhere in every corner. My favorite though is the strip clubs(Sue me)

Its better experienced than blogged. Mad Dj’s and clubs open 24hours 7Days a week..Its fun fun fun! Regardless of your financial status there is always a place for you in Lagos.

Hmmm i dunno if this is supposed to be Captivating, Entertaining n tell me :). Just giving you a peep into my environment 🙂 What do you think?