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BIOBAKU ~ The Unilag Experience

Hey people!

Lemme be the First to wish you a Blessed New Month! Itz Leo time baby! 😀

Been so long since my last log post….feels like forever to me tho. Been Lounging in school seeing how things are done. This aint no New World Order, its an Age old tradition.. A new civilization for me… BIOBAKU ~ The Unilag Hostel! 

I never went to a boarding school neither did i stay away from  home,away from my parents, stubborn brother and noisy sisters. So y’all should know why moving into the hostel was a new experience for me. Had to do some mago-mago sorting before i got my bedspace nsturvz. Yup thats how things are done in Naija!

I experienced quit alot of things being in the male hostel( the idea of no chics allowed kinda sucks tho).. Ok lemme just drop few ov ’em.

1) Meeting My Roomies: Picture this- Packing your bags into a room for the first time and meeting 8 total strangers you will have to cope with for 2months. Yup! thats how i felt, Who are these people? Will they accept me? Are they acceptable to begin with? Will we live peacefully? Are they snobs? Damn i hope they don’t steal! Shit, this is a male hostel oh.. Hope they are not Fags! these among other thoughts were running through my mind. They turned out to be the perfect set of people i’d always wanna be in a room with! It was mad fun all through. 5Law Student,1 Edu Admin,1 Medical Student and 2Geology Undergrads. I will never forget them!

I can’t believe how easily we all synced and became one. As in! The Amalgamation was madt!  Nice people, Hilarious arguments, Contradictions n the Fag  jokes were the scariest lol.

Eloka Olisa (100L/Law) ~ The in-house Radio Presenter and The Punisher. We call him “The Punisher” because he cooks good meals which arouses your taste buds and POW! You realize you can smell but not taste lol. #Oppression toh bahdt. Has amazing playlist. He is also how semi-Aristocrat  and has a phobia of being anally raped(lmfao!), never goes to the bathroom when the lights aint on.

Okeniyi Demola(100L/Law) ~ Calls himself “Prudent Manager” but We call him “Philosofical Lala”. He has quotes for every situation, from Bible to Quran,William Shakespear to all the lawyers i can think of. Nigga invests in looking corporate 24/7 suits toh bahdt!.This dude can loke to economize ingredients sha. Often teased in the room cos of his temper. Gosh i enjoyed those moments.

Oke Tosin (200L/Law)~ “Chief Cross-Examiner and Contradictor”  Got madt skills when it comes to arguments. He originated the famous “Sardine Stew”, Cartoon Freak, Playlist full of disney themes! He is well revered for his contribution in Tackling our “Command Boy”  when it comes to Argumentology. 😉 Goof: His manboobs remind us of *insert something terrible,sexy,funny here*

Adewale Lamina (100L/Geology)~ “Command Boy” a.k.a Wales Blu. <~ Hmmm what can i say bout this dude? He is known for his reference to his Alma mater ~( Command Secondary School.) whenever there is a debate. His entire life revolves around that school! (Tufiakwa!). He can hype his people  sha! Also, he’s the room’s Fashionista and Skater. He is also known for his terrible cooking skills lol. He Originated the Cunt Rice and Cornt Meal(rice,beans & maize cooked with ororo). Geo-sciences fresh kid, If e no match e no gel. lol His love for Lil Wayne is somewhat religious. Hes’s a good kid tho. yeah we also think he has feelings for Jabzy, we call it “Taurus Love” 😀

Bababunmi Olaolu (100L/Law)~ a.k.a ” Dark Lord” a.k.a ” Mr Melody” he makes some nice melodies in his sleep we don’t seem to be able to decipher, his snores are somewhat cryptic lmfao!. This nigga is blacker than black!  He is obsessed with the English language, he can like to gbagaun the roommates at every chance he gets. He is a Master when it comes to Greek and Norse Mythology.He is the tallest of us all. and he never cooks! (prolly cos he doesnt know how, even his custard is gross!) 😀 I guess thats why he has decided to marry his Crush: Yewande a.k.a Darth Hideous! *d nick name is self explanatory* 😉

Victor Tomide Olaitan (100L/Law)~ Tommy as he is fondly called a.k.a “Pretty Boy”  Nice,easy going dude. Always trynna do things in an orderly manner. Minimal argument, has this very funny way of laughing(sounds like Chuckie) lol. Speaks the Igbo language almost fluently. “Yoruba Boy, Igbo Sense” 🙂

Jabar Ayodele (200L/Edu.Admin)~ a.k.a “Jabzy” Shy type,an introvert. He is like a Volcano waiting to erupt! You just don’t wanna mess with him. According to legend: He has this aura some sorta enigma ish that makes the roomies fear him. #Badtguy. His Quote ~”If i, If i fag Lamina!…” 😀

Lawal Olusola Muh’d (100L/Medicine)~ Our ex-Dip Medschool bound roomie. Fine boy wif somewhat complicated woman matters(story for another day). The originator of fag jokes in the room. Lamina’s bunkee lol This dude never sleeps. always studying and loves making reference to his zodiac sign #LEO, he believes his very being revolves around that sign(i guess). The rooms Chess Meister.

Dotun Akindele (100L/Physiotherapy) ~ Not exactly a roomie. Muh’d’s partner in crime. Very funny n this nigga eats with bowls n bucket lmfao! He fucked us up tho. introduced a very fugly chic to us. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!! 

We had good times. I will never forget them! 🙂

2) Way Too Many Dicks: My most awkward moments are the “Bathroom Moment” guys walking around naked inside hostel is just an uncomfortable site. haba!  Niggaz should at least wear pants abeg! …Only God knows what happens in other rooms when these dudes walk around naked. *swallows spit* Issokay!

3) The Noise: When electricity goes off sometimes boys come out to play hehe. Making random sounds hitting metal bars and singing nursery rhymes and screaming “GO AWAY!!!” Whenever the public address system goes on hehe. There’s also this dude who shakes the hostel whenever he is in the building! Boys see him and start screaming OLOYINI OH!!! this dude gets excited like a pagan god and starts dancing! I still suspect he’s illuminati tho *snickers*

4) Jam Doughnut:  Ok this dude they call “Wise One” sells Jam Doughnuts in the hostel. Because of the rate at which guys buy his doughnut we call it Jazz Doughnut lol. Some call it “GP Boosting Doughnut” lol Tosin i see you! 😀

I particularly loved skating in the hall ways :). Learnt alot from my roommates.

Exams are over. Our 100L days are dead and gone. Mistakes Made, Lessons Learnt. #ToGodBeTheGlory

So no Judgement day?

Ok i’m sitting here thinking… school tomorrow? fuck no! World was supposed to end yesterday na! 😦

I got so much on my mind right now! very disappointed. This is all i have to say! *throws laptop against the wall*

Judgement Day Is Saturday!!!

Hmmm time is short! every second counts! Some dude did this Numerology thingy and predicts Saturday May 21st is Judgement day!…as in JUDGEMENT D.A.Y! Scary shit huh?

Ok lets see… I got exams,birthdays and stuffs to do before then but hmmm. Saturday? i havnt been to church in a long time mahn!

Maybe i can skip study for this week,skip my test, go swimming. see a movie and kiss some random people on the streets then Repent on friday night! Good idea huh 😀

And if this is my last post on earth… i say fuckit! this shit aint epic lol.. I do hope i make heaven though. Don’t worry ye hell people i will still update my blogs from Heaven for y’all aiight 😉

And yeah checkout the weather forcast lol Crazy niggaz on earth i tell ya!

But really forget about judgement day and think for a minute. Are you living your life in a Godly manner? That is the QUESTION!.

….Once again This has been Another Pointless Post :D…. Or Has It? 😛

Life’s Challenges…

I still don’t know much about blogging. *yeah shame on me* wateva. Not like a formal/informal letter so I don’t need to put address and date nshytz like that do I? Or should I just start with sayn Dear Human Beings Of Τ̲̅ђe Earth with access to Internet? Lol. Before I continue I’m trying out WordPress for Blackberry so this might seem unorganised.

My last blog post was 4am 1st of January 2011*New Year’s Day*. Been a while innit? I’m glad I’m alive to make this new post today.

So many has happened Τ̲̅ђe past 3months of my Life. Good things,Bad things and things I don’t even know what †☺ categorise them as.

I was excited about getting into school but 1st semester Ȋ̝̊̅§ done with and I see its hell being in Τ̲̅ђe University. School and life just aint easy! I’m learning it Τ̲̅ђe hard way…but really is there an easy way to learn life’s hard?

This blog may be regarded as a #Fail according to pro-bloggers and haters but really who cares? I just wanna be heard! *read in this case* Τ̲̅ђe comments are welcome but even if I don’t get them #ItzAii

I’m a quiet person but when I’m with people I like †☺ act crazy. I bottle things up inside no matter what’s going on with •̸Ϟﻉ, some say its pride cos I’d never ask anyone for help but I think its just •̸Ϟﻉ recognising Τ̲̅ђe fact that I’m a #giver. Ok i think its pride 😉

God has blessed •̸Ϟﻉ really, I used †☺ complain about acne and oily skin but now I smile every time I look in Τ̲̅ђe mirror. Nothing like self esteem issues no more. I get broke occasionally but I still manage †☺ look Ǧ☺☺ϑ and dress fly. As a UNILAG bobo ε̲̣̣̣̥ no easy naw 😀

Been having challenges with Life issues—> School Ȋ̝̊̅§ scary as hell,Family? Its like I’m not part of my family. My lil bro Ȋ̝̊̅§ 19 and a gangsta like literally. He’s been messing with my stuffs and whatever I say Ȋ̝̊̅§ wrong and whatever he does Ȋ̝̊̅§ right! Its like he’s bewitched them and I’ve just given up on them.*sighs*

I was kicked out of Τ̲̅ђe house sometime in february things like this affected •̸Ϟﻉ so much. School was so much challenging,couldn’t concentrate and when Τ̲̅ђe time came for examination I think I just lost it. Iv not seen Τ̲̅ђe result and I really aint looking forward †☺ it. Really so much I can’t say here. I live with No Love in my heart right now. Just #Determination because no matter what’s going on in my life I know it just doesn’t matter and shouldn’t affect Τ̲̅ђe one thing Ȋ̝̊̅§ life that’ll secure my future—–> Education.

I don’t think this post has added anything †☺ your life and if you think you have wasted Τ̲̅ђe last few minutes of your life reading this I’m sorry….ok I’m not really sorry lmao

Feeling real sad right now but I live in Nigeria so we don’t commit suicide here hehe I’m just gonna channel my energy †☺ my books and make sure whatever wrong iv done †☺ my Grade Point(GP) in school I’d be able †☺ Right.

Hope you all have a great day… I won’t stay long before I make another post. Please Pray For •̸Ϟﻉ

I Love You All

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E-Learning Resources

Students taking a test at the University of Vi...

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Hello Readers,

While going through my department’s “Notice-Board” at school today i saw the examination results of 100L students and the few students who didn’t do well in their course and have been advised to to withdraw.(Got kicked out!!!)

That really scared the sh*t outta me :(. I wondered how it would feel after the celebration upon gaining admission into the University and after the first session a person gets kicked out. Cant even begin to imagine the shame,disgrace and disappointment the student and parents will feel. Yes it must have been the student’s fault,maybe they don’t attend lectures,take notes,do assignments or even participate in class. Or they just didn’t have access to resources to aid them in their studies or had the wrong approach to studying.

I am a student too and wouldn’t want to go down the same path,determined to be a success against all odds and thats part of the reason i decided to start blogging. I know soon enough i’d get this blog more interactive with YOUR HELP!(Retweets,Mentions and recommendations) and i’d be able to ask questions and get real-time answers and solutions to issues.

I have searched the internet for “Study Tips & Resources” to guide students through the path to academic excellence. I will post my findings on my next post.(Research Still In Progress)

Now we can help students all over the world struggling to get good grades but have nobody to point them in the right direction, I want you all to post “STUDY TIPS” that aid your study and Websites textbooks and other study materials can be read online or downloaded for offline study. Its as simple as that!

Just these 2 things you do can change the life of a youth out there :)…Think about it.

1. Tell us how you study,what aids you while you study. Basically best way to assimilate and not give in to distractions.

2. Paste links to websites with useful resources you would recommend.(Online studies)

Post comments below.

Wish you all a great weekend 😀

Thank You


Welcome To Lagos!!!

Hello Readers,

Hope y’all having a great day cos i am :). As y’all must have figured out; This blog was created solely to blog about my school life as a Fresher when school gets in session. But before then, wouldn’t be a bad idea to have y’all get to know me (will update my “ABOUT” page soon) and where i’m from would it? So today i’m blogging bout  The city of Lagos,Nigeria. I grew up here and i school here,basically i have lived all of my life here and i’m just gonna talk about a few stuffs i know about Lagos. If you want to know more like demographics,Geographic info,History n sturvz click here cos i ain’t going into all that.

Will be talking about: Little of “About” ..ish,The People,Schools,Food,Fun Spots and NightLife(My Favorite). Here goes:

“About n..ish!”

Lagos is a port and the most populous conurbation in Nigeria. It is currently the second most populous city in Africa after Cairo,Egypt and is estimated to be the fastest growing city in Africa (UN-HABITAT, 2008) and the seventh fastest growing in the world.The city is the economic and financial capital of Nigeria. It is in the South-Western part of the country.

With a population of over 8Million and counting being the most populous State in Nigeria no be small thing o! lol. The city is peaceful and like any other city has the rural and urban areas. I’d like to call my neighborhood the #UrbanGhetto  cos it aint that bad 🙂

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria in so many ways other than FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY ABUJA(Capital of Nigeria). Its the capital of Nigerian Fashion,Entertainment,Business and all sorts. People from every part of the Country Troop into Lagos to search for greener pastures.Hence the Dense Population.

Everything in Lagos is extreme. When it rains it really rains! When its sunny its really hot! and hustle is at its best here.They say “if you can make it in Lagos you can make it anywhere” 😀

The People”

Ok this is gonna be quick. Lagos residents are one in a million. #Gbam! You just know someone is from Lagos when you see their dressing,hairstyle and the way they behave. Swagger un-flawed lol. The people are friendly and love to show off :D..Yeah! is it bad to flaunt it if you got it? NO!

Lagos is like a mini-Nigeria. Cos here we have everybody here from every nook and cranny of the country.  The main language in Lagos is Yoruba. But you get people from diff parts of the country here with the diverse culture and Language. Communication and Business is facilitated easily between people of different tribes  because we have a General Language in Nigeria which is spoken by everyone in the country. Pidgin English is like our own version of the English Language.


In Lagos there are so many schools from Kindergarten to Universities,Colleges of Education,Polytechnics,Technical Schools and more. Some examinations are required to be passed before you can be accepted in these schools though. The schools here are of the best standards and I’m a proud student of the proverbial “BEST OF THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN NIGERIA” the University of Lagos(UNILAG) 🙂


Like i said in the “People” paragraph, There are people with diverse cultures here and different varieties of food.Which is why i love Lagos the most 🙂

We have countless delicacies here and i’d just mention a want more? google it lol. We have Eba,Fufu,Pounded Yam,Starch,Amala,Wheat among others and we have hulalacious soups that go with the *Okele* i just mentioned: Egusi,Oha,Ogbona,Ewedu,Efo Riro and more 🙂

“Fun Spots”

Lagos is the home of fun,Investors troop in to invest in pleasure spots here because Lagosians love to party and have a good time. Besides why go all throught the hustle if you ain’t gonna spend your money and live large perse(y) lol

We have shopping malls with Cinemas in them,Beaches,Amusement parks,Swim pools,Casino,Bowling Alley,Fast food outlets, Gymnasia’s,hotels and more everywhere. For pleasure Lagos is the place. Examples of Places you can visit in Lagos: Silverbird Galleria,Shoprite,E-Centre,EKO Hotel amongst others.

“Night Life”

The most interesting time in Lagos by far is the Night. Lagos is the city that never sleeps! Clubs everywhere in every corner. My favorite though is the strip clubs(Sue me)

Its better experienced than blogged. Mad Dj’s and clubs open 24hours 7Days a week..Its fun fun fun! Regardless of your financial status there is always a place for you in Lagos.

Hmmm i dunno if this is supposed to be Captivating, Entertaining n tell me :). Just giving you a peep into my environment 🙂 What do you think?