What’s Going On?

Right before getting on here to make this post. i had a sort of epiphany, was on a mad rush to get online before i leave that “ZONE” unfortunately i’m out of it. So lets see… Whats this post gonna be about? No thats not a question cos i already know i’m gonna write about what’s going on.

So really What’s going on? A lot! I havnt been myself lately. having lots on my mind and NO! tHIS AiNt gOnA Be aNoThEr PoInTlEsS pOsT! 😀 Neither is it gonna be a post bout me talking bout how much my life sucks or sumfin like that. I’v been thinking so much lately and if there is one thing we dont have alot of its Time. So i’v decided not to waste time anymore. Use the little time i got left in particular areas of my life wisely and make it matter.

Read my blog posts earlier today and i asked myself: What is the theme of my blog and am i following it? Is my blog a vector quantity or a scalar quantity? Damn i couldn’t even answer. I see no reason why anyone would wanna come back here to see if there’s anything new. Guess its time to go places with this blog and its time for  a RE-BRAND!

Ok now what’s really going on? I got my second semester exams in a week, i’m slackin behind in some school sturvz, damn i aint been active socially neither have i been a complete nerd. I have just been on the edge of everything. Being on the edge means i remain in my comfort zone, not putting efforts in any particular area. This is changing!

Moved into the hostel bout 3weeks ago and i can say i have finally settled in. Got really cool roommates. Geology undergrad,Medical student,Law undergrads and one from Faculty of Education. They are all very serious minded and i’m so glad i’m in this room. Niggaz be cracking me up and shit! I love and admire these niggaz #NoHomo tho 😀 n yeah their FagJokes crack me up hehe Itz 104 Babyyyyy! !..!- 😉

My second semester examination starts in a week. I have decided to get my sh*t on. Put in all i got, study as much as i can(that means study all night every night)  and make myself and my parents proud. Took my laptop home and i ain’t got an internet enabled phone with me at the moment to reduce distractions.Damn i’m so gonna miss twitter,wordpress,facebook and every other social network i’m on. This is a sacrifice i think will be well worth it. *difficult tho :(*

Got so much on my mind i can’t even stop shuffling them. damn my brain is like a playlist right now with a trillion tracks.(try sorting that out) Ideas,thoughts,plans and so much more. Check back for more posts cos i assure you all you gonna see after this post iz pure L.I.F.E no extras just interesting day by day life of an Akokite. It Can Only Get BETTER!

This blog is meant to be about Life as A Fresher in the University Of Lagos and that’s all its gonna be about. …A FRESHER’S LIFE.


Happy New Year 1~1~2011

Hello Y’all!

Wow! This is 2011 😀 I’m so happy! I’m using this medium to wish You all a Happy New Year! and i pray it will be a great year for us all.

I’m so so sorry i haven’t been updating my blog lately, School  and Life generally have got me so tied up all i ever do in my free time is sleep and tweet. Life in UNILAG hasn’t been easy i tell ya! 😦  But i promise to update my blog more often this year. 🙂

The First month of school has been very confusing. You know…still familiarizing myself with the environment and getting to know how they run things in school and everything’s just happening so fast sometimes i find myself doing things i don’t understand just cos my peers are doing it.  After figuring i had to spend a lot time in school everyday(Monday~ Sunday)..Yes! I have no weekend breaks. Lectures and tutorials. I figured me attending all those won’t help if i don’t find time to study.

So i decided to utilize the school Library. It was a funny experience because i went in there with the expectation of siting down comfortably and studying to my satisfaction. I got in there and i wasn’t disappointed as the Library is well furnished,and packed with books..(tho most are outdated) and very comfortable…too comfortable i guess cos it was a great battle staying awake with the AC cooling my brain lol 🙂 ..Spent close to 1hr battling to stay awake and after that i got over it and studied for a few hours.

I think imma stick to my Library until i get better alternatives. If you have sudy tips that can really help me please feel free to drop them on d comment page. Will read through this blog for study tips i’v posted earlier. I really wanna excel in my academics…i mean who doesn’t? 🙂

Ok apart from school how was y’allz Xmas? Mine has been too dry..Just plain boring n got ma a** broke this period so fun was a fantasy all through 😦 Was just at home sleeping n watching t.v. I’m happy i made it to 2011 safe and healthy knowing fully well that where there is Life there is Hope.(i hope dats how d sayn goes)

The year 2011 Shallbe a Year of Divine Visitation, Fulfillment,Bliss,Blessings,Wealth and all the Good things of Life in The Name of Jesus!…Lemme hear y’all say A.M.E.N!!!

Oh yeah! Once again if y’all got suggestions or just tell me how you students manage to get good grades in school i’d really appreciate. Thank you in advance.

its 04:35AM and i’m tired AF!…Gotta go get some sleep. #in2010 so many things will change in my life n tweeting/sleeping habit’s the main focus. Hope y’all didnt get too bored reading this. Drop your comments and Have a great day.


The Nigerian Police

This is the Nigerian Police as we interact on a day-to-day basis in my area:

Police: Hey boy ! identify your self?

Boy : well i’m Ibrahim and i am a UNILAG student

Police: Wey your I.D Card?

Boy: I be fresher naw dem neva give us

Police: Fresh wetin? #edondeymadt abi?

Boy: I just start

Police: So you don press laptop chop oyinbo money finish now u dey lie say na student you be.

Boy: Oga no be so ooo

Police: Wetin dey inside your bag?

Boy: Na my laptop and books

Police: Where you see money buy laptop and this your watch and chain sef?

Boy: Na my mama buy am o..

Police2: Shuo! no be this boy dem dey call arabmoney for shomolu?

Police; Arab what?!!? Good, you are under arrest !

Boy: why na? Police : for prohibition !

Boy : ‘WHAT’ ? Police ; you exhibit too much swaggz plus you be yahoo boy

Boy: Oga no be so naw

Police: c’mon sharrap and enter motor!

Boy : *laughs* oga I understand you,oya manage this N2000

Police: Add something jor..na my oga*DPO* dey motor so and him go take him share

Boy: O.C I swear na N500 extra i get here..i be your boy naw we dey area.

Police: You these yahoo boys ehn…una no dey like show for station come greet us

Boy: No vex my oga just manage this N2,500

Police : you get mouth !..I go dey expect you o!

Boy: No wahala Oga mi #OKbye

Morals: The Police is your friend. Just settle dem. 🙂

To Smash Or NOT To Smash(Laptop)

So i’m sitting here now thinking: Is my phone and Lappy good for me? I mean is the friggin internet good for me? 3years i’v been married to the internet i even worked as a hotspot manager before running for my dear life due to police wahala. Now its time to break-up with the Internet and i don’t think i can do it 😦 Been giving myself reasons not to; You can do your assignment online…at least get tips n all.

But serzly do i do assignments online? anything productive? Nah! I’m the only internet user in my area i know who yahoo boys are pissed at lol “they be like wtf! you stay online all day..i sign in and you on facebook 24/7 you no dey sleep? wait first! where all ya maga? how many messenger you get? where you format dey? You no dey do? sh*t guy you dey dull o! ” If only they knew i’m on twitter sayn bull..ish 24/7. *rewind* ok ok i know…you’d be thinking “who is this guy fooling? you wan tell me say u no be runs guy? where the arabmoney come from then?” #JambKweshion!

Where was i sef? ehen yes iTweet,Facebook,qeep,prodigits,chats,nairaland and few other fun stuffs.fun fun fun is all i ever do online. My head is now a cinema! Any new track i got it free,download movies 24/7 even found ways to cheat my ISP*NOT feelin guilty bout that one sha* they can like to kiss viper! I mean na me be pirate,badtguy and hip one. sumtyms my good spirit be like; IS THIS WHY YOU ARE HERE? ogbeni fiyenle! Boys Are Not Smiling these days again!


Yes its school time,time for a Re-Birth. But shey i fit born again sha? Leave old things and come out clean? I dont smoke n i’m a 20% drinker so the internet has been my only addiction(apart from sex,suya,money,junk food,supras and a million others) 😛 When there is no light i make sure the generator is fueled and when gen spoil(due to excessive use) or no money for fuel.This is how it is:

1: Stay online on phone(samsung batteries na 30min e don off!) I swear i have 4 batteries and 2 don spoil sef,computer village people na thunder go fire una sha!

2: After phone battery goes off i turn on lapotop which is new n battery stays for between 80-100minutes. Within that time i plug in my USB and charge phone again. Continue my ventures online chattin up chics on fb or making peeps laugh on twitter or just complaining bout how my tweeps just bone my side.

3: Oh nooooooooo! Laptop is gonna hibernate in 3minutes 😦 wtf! its 100minutes already? shet! time flies o! (meanwhile i’v not brushed my teeth or had my bath..sometimes i pity chics who wake me up at home to say hi n stuffs) Not to worry…phones are charged. I plug in my ear-piece..enter playlist and scroll straight to ENI DURO ~ OLAMIDE …btw Samsung no be phone!…After jamming for bout 2hrs phone’s dead again. Now i check the time and its just 1pm *screams* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just 1PM? o_O what am i gonna do? how am i gonna survive? No Internet? ok i need to get occupied….go out? where? no money for e-center chicks jor! Go see my pals? hmmm nope they’d just drag me around with them playing pranks and walking in the sun plus the smooching of girls at the canteen(which i like) nah! people complain i hardly get calls n i think its cos i used blackberry for bout a year n i didnt ask for phone numbers during that time i only ask for PIN and just chat away! hardly ever have a real conversation,i hardly even know d names of my neighbors. BTW #LIGHTUPNIGERIA!

5: while thinking these things i’v started feeling withdrawal syndrome ; Start experiencing mental hunger…you ever felt hungry as in food hungry when you so bored and you know it aint food you need? datz it! start eating bread lol thats the only thing i get tired of ooo..then i eat and i get tired of eating i keep the rest n after 5minutes i wanna eat again smh:( I start gettin restless like i need crack…shet this is the worst cos i turn on my dead fone hoping it got solar charged or sumfin. some people say i need to get a life but tell me..do you have one?

6: SLEEP….wow feels like the perfect solution..like yeah just got that fix iv been looking for. I just sleep cos when off the internet i feel frustrated. Did i hear you say STUDY? lmao! I opened my physics notebook to revise and next thing i know i’m wakin up 4hours later. Thats a challenege for another day ooo..am i still spelling sh*t right? i think so.lemme check…oh shet! I skipped (4) lmao! I guess y’all wont even notice. My reader count is low cos i def aint impressin the blogger community so i dont think anyone is reading this far anyway! Just saying stuffs off my mind so i dont get heavy traffic up there anymore.pjew feels good already.

So ermmm back to the issue To smash my laptop or not? I’v had a physics assignment for days and i’v not even touched it, its due for tomorrow and i’m here typing on my laptop listening to music and tweetin nsh*t. Now is there a reason i shouldn’t smash it? Me neither..i dont think so. Its prayers that will get me through school cos i cant do it on my own o! Girls in school are so sexy and so plenty its like a blessing in lecture halls 😀 Maybe when i get my bicycle i’d ask them to Holla at your boi like whizkid lol


Oh oh! Dad is back and the music is so loud..Someborri please tell this physics assignment to stop staring me in the face o!  i’m just gonna look for where to copy from tomorrow…oh i got tutorials today by erm what time? lemme check ok 3pm. School is so boring and stressful…just gotta keep on practicing my freestylin maybe one day i’d hook up with M.I and get popular after one or 2 hit singles and i wont have to go through life in the hood 😀 …Damn i’m outta here! see y’all when i got time to say sh*t on here…Drop your comments below…dunno what y’all be commenting on buh “drop it like its hot” its a jonzing world! #OkBye



Hope you all been having better days than i have. School resumed on Monday and first day in school wasnt like i anticipated, everything was just strange and lectures didn’t start as scheduled. The experience has been so stressful and i’v come to understand the fact that School Life isn’t gonna be easy for the serious minded students.

Lots of challenges will be faced,parties and other distractions. I learnt the 1st year in school is the most crucial academic year because thats where you build up your G.P.  So far i realised i’d have to wake up as early as 5am everyday and get to school before 7am. I got to school 7:30am both Monday and Tuesday and this is what i saw: o_O

People got to class so early and it was impossible to get a seat in the front. So many people were standing and i was like wow! Its a struggle to get to class before the majority and secure a seat in front of the class where you get a clear view of the bard and get to hear the lecturer audibly. The alternative is to get binoculars and super Mission Impossible type spy audio equipments 🙂

I get to school 7:30am and leave 6pm tired and stressed after the trouble of locating lecture halls and the walks from one place to another,long queue for everything and the officials just piss me off  big-time! Seems they enjoy watching students suffer! This isnt the college i’v seen in American movies 😦 I guess i’v had unrealistic expectations.

The moment i get home i just fall into the chair and the next moment i’m taking a nap lol. I guess after the first few weeks i will adapt perfectly and find it less stressful. On the bright side I have met lots of people and few few i’v found unacceptable and others fun. The chics are HOT and i’m thinking damn! Its gonna be the best 5years of my life 😀 …*i have to study well and keep my grades up though*  …We were even given an assignment without lectures lmao!

Went to the Gym today to make inquiries and i’m still trynna figure out how to make my schedule to accommodate lectures,study and gym. I wanna get good grades and NOT look like a nerd 😀 I wanna go from this ~~~~>

Wanna leave the 3packs aka hunger packs lol to 6packs 😀

to Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexy six packs 😀 #NOHOMO 😛

I noticed it won’t be possible to update my blog daily as i planned but will try to update bi-weekly.:) I hope you all read and paste comments and share my blog. If you have stuffs you’d love to see on here you can suggest.

Got school stuffs to study right about now and i’m stopping here.See y’all on my next post 😀

Have a great day