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#LetsPretend I never signed up on wordpress. #LetsPretend you ain’t sitting somewhere reading this. #LetsPretend i know exactly why i’m typing this. #LetsPretend you are actually enjoying this. #LetsPretend you not asking whats with the hashtags. #LetsPretend you are not feeling like WTF! right now. #LetsPretend you aint smiling a bit now. #LetsPretend i am not Who i Am today. #LetsPretend i’m really some superfly nerd who is just doing this cos he’s bored studying. #LetsPretend I’m on a 4.8CGPA. #LetsPretend I’m a UNILAG big boy. #LetsPretend All them Moremi,Makama,Queen Aminat chics dig me. #LetsPretend Paparazzi following me everywhere i go. #LetsPretend Lil wayne comes to perform on my birthday. #LetsPretend Wishes were horses. #LetsPretend Lets pretend you ain’t feeling like slapping the fack outta me. #LetsPretend I aint gonna sign off right now. #LetsPretend you dont feel like getting this link off your bookmarks. #LetsPretend You Holy Pass. #LetsPretend All i just typed makes sense. #LetsPretend #LetsPretend #LetsPretend… *sighs* 😦

Another Pointless Post(APP)

Yup! Finally got time to post another one today. hmmm what am i talking bout? i have no effin idea! Anyway e don tey small wey i post oh. So whats this gonna be bout? hmmm seen my 1st semester result and damn! O badt gan 😦 . I fink imma bone dat side before i get moody again lol. 😀

Yeah howz y’all doing? Past few months the earth has been real busy oh. event no dey finish mehn. From Elections to Royal Wedding n Osama’s death n sturvz i dont even remember. Been fun reading stuffs on the news tho. Newscasters having a swell time i tell ya! hehe

My Blackberry got bad. MAJOR BAD NEWS. i havnt even recovered. 😦 I miss it so much buh i guess its one of those things distracting me lots so i’m gonna have to do away with it. Been going through bad times counting losses nshits buh what can i do? Guess its one ov them downtimes i read bout. reccession nshytz, I just pray God turns everything around real soon cos i dunno how much longer i can take it.

Been watching Spartacus,House and Vampire Diaries lately, keeping me relaxed. At least watching them drama keeps ma life drama free hehe. Chics issues? o bwoi just leave dat side abeg. story for another day.

Once again. If you’v read all i just wrote you’d prolly be asking yourself what you have gained or why you even bothered reading through. I sha know  Its better than that unilag amebo blog sha 😛

Ok lemme just give it a title and post jare so i can come back in God knows when and start another post saying Life’s been Great with me (AMEN).

I know what it feels like to be left alone and i pray none of you ever feel this way. Have a nice Life..New Week and all them prayers jare


Phone Sex

Phone sex is common among teenagers and adolescents. I am not saying adults don’t do it.  Phone sex could be oral or written. Thanks to blackberry messenger the latter has become more common. From peoples’ views, I heard it’s so fun, yet annoying because after everything has been said (typed) & done, one goes to bed alone horny. A mere late night chat leads to loads of things…….

Mr. Yinkxx:      hello

babydammy:    hi.

Mr. Yinkxx:      how are you doin?

babydammy:    I’m fine oh.  Right where you leave me.

Mr. Yinkxx:      #gbagaun

babydammy:  ode ni e. Mistake jo. U sha left me.

Mr. Yinkxx:      ah ahn! How can u say dat?I dint leave u jo.

babydammy:   yes, you did.

Mr. Yinkxx:      sowi, I’ve been busy with work.

babydammy:   I bliv u sha.So how are you doing?

Mr. Yinkxx:      doing fine, omo-boy gas hustle naw.

babydammy:   true! and how’s  your gf?

Mr. Yinkxx:      she’s fine, she hz traveld for 2weeks now.

babydammy:   ok

Mr. Yinkxx:      I miss u oh. Really long I saw u mehn. Esp that your smile

babydammy:   *iBlush*I miss u too.

Mr. Yinkxx:      when r we seeing sef?

babydammy:   depends on you now. You know babcock is on holiday, u’re the busy office guy.

Mr. Yinkxx:      lol… how about this weekend. We see a movie, then get drinks & go to my place.

babydammy:   if you say so oh.

Mr. Yinkxx:      I mean it jo.. u know I alwz love ur coypanyCompany*I cant wait to see you.

babydammy:   I cant wait to see you too. I like your DP, cute!

Mr. Yinkxx:      thanks hun. So what you doing atm?

babydammy:   nothing. Jus lying down & chatting with you dear.

Mr. Yinkxx:      same here. Lying down in my room alone.

babydammy:   don’t worry I’m coming to keep u company.

Mr. Yinkxx:     lol.. I so wish dear. I miss our last time out.

babydammy:  I miss it too. It was such a wonderful time.

Mr. Yinkxx:      I miss kissing u…

babydammy:   Hmmm.. I hear you. Dt made me close my eyes for a bit

Mr. Yinkxx:      looking forward to this weekend……wanna kiss ur lips, neck, boobs & tins

babydammy:   Omg.. pls stop Yinka. Don’t make me start thinking already.

Mr. Yinkxx:      & I will like u to kiss me back passionately.Making ur head fallin back when I kiss ur neck & touch ur boobsOnly if I cud make a wish rite now. You will appear in my room

babydammy:   Ughhhhh…Stop…I want!!!…… 😥

Mr. Yinkxx:      Tryin to get it off my head

babydammy:   In dt bit second, d feelin wz mad

Mr. Yinkxx:      I wish u cud just knock on my door rite now. I open up for you & ders this long silence & stare.

babydammy:   what will now apn after d long silence & stare *sigh*

Mr. Yinkxx:      Make u lean against wall, my right hand on ur cheek & d other on ur waist…kissing you affectionately

babydammy:   OMG!!!

Mr. Yinkxx:      Ur hands around me too

babydammy:   Jeez!!!!

Mr. Yinkxx:      Sliding my fingers into ur hair…as kiss goes on

babydammy:   u know jus how I like it. I am staring at your pic and biting my lips,*Dreaming n imagining*

Mr. Yinkxx:      My oda hand coming up slowly, caressing ur curves Ur moaning quietly too

babydammy:   OmfggggI miss u so much I wanna cry

Mr. Yinkxx:      Touching ur boobs Bending to kiss ur neck, lick ur ear

babydammy:   Ahhh!! Yinka, Uv killed me

Mr. Yinkxx:      Ur hands restlessly all over me

babydammy:   U sure knw how to get me

Mr. Yinkxx:      Touchin ur boobs as u rip off my shirt, I unlock ur bra wit a snap we lying down, & I’m just goin to suck on d boobs

babydammy:   OmgOmgOmgUr making me want you so much

Mr. Yinkxx:      you know I cant resist you

babydammy:   I am freaking turned on.

Mr. Yinkxx:      In a split second, ur top is off. D body kissing is more Slowly from ur cute lips Gently to ur neckHands on ur boobs & down & down

babydammy:   i picture u inside me already.Omg.. I’m wet Heart is beating real fast here Ohhhh lawd!

Mr. Yinkxx:      I want to slide ur panties to d left & lick u upTickle u wit my tongue

babydammy:   Oooooooooh myyyyyyy gawd!!!!

Mr. Yinkxx:      Tongue rubbing fast on ur c**t, as u grab your boobs firm

babydammy: OMGooooodnesssssss!!!I dnt thnk I’ve ever wanted you ths much b4Uv made me so horny

Mr. Yinkxx:      IMG01193-20091009-0222.jpg (57.89 KB)

babydammy:   OmggggggggggggggggI wantttttAhhhh

Mr. Yinkxx:      first tin on Saturday, even before movie.

babydammy:   pls yesss! Ths is sweet torture

Mr. Yinkxx:    My hard d**k point rite in front of ur V as I step to kiss u again

babydammy:   Ahhhh jeez

Mr. Yinkxx:      Licking ur lips

babydammy:   plsssss stop Ur making me want you yinka more thn everOmggggggI’m so freaking wet

Mr. Yinkxx:      I’m imagining u holding my dick

babydammy:   I promise to treat it way beta dan I’ve alwz don.

Mr. Yinkxx:      Awww I just held it.Hardest I eva seen A warm place it craves

babydammy:   Ahhh ths is so bad Gawd! I want u to slide inside me as slow as possible.

Mr. Yinkxx:      yes, baby..

babydammy:   than fast & good like u alwz did.Ok! Ok!! Ok!!! Stop!!!! I’m sorry I had to interrupt that.

Your guess is as good as mine; saturday went very fine & mad. But the remaining part of the night was terrible for yinka & dammy. I’m sorry if you felt restless while reading the convo. I really think this act should stop. Phone sex does more harm than good. Shikena!!! You can fix an appointment for your braps, but spare yourselves the torture.

N.B: this is not a porn blog, neither is it a #subliminal against you. I sense guilty conscience.


And Yes before i sign off. This post was STOLEN. yes i tiff am from follow him on twitter: @2ndelawal i guess i wont need a lawyer anymore since i’v mentioned him 🙂

To Smash Or NOT To Smash(Laptop)

So i’m sitting here now thinking: Is my phone and Lappy good for me? I mean is the friggin internet good for me? 3years i’v been married to the internet i even worked as a hotspot manager before running for my dear life due to police wahala. Now its time to break-up with the Internet and i don’t think i can do it 😦 Been giving myself reasons not to; You can do your assignment online…at least get tips n all.

But serzly do i do assignments online? anything productive? Nah! I’m the only internet user in my area i know who yahoo boys are pissed at lol “they be like wtf! you stay online all day..i sign in and you on facebook 24/7 you no dey sleep? wait first! where all ya maga? how many messenger you get? where you format dey? You no dey do? sh*t guy you dey dull o! ” If only they knew i’m on twitter sayn bull..ish 24/7. *rewind* ok ok i know…you’d be thinking “who is this guy fooling? you wan tell me say u no be runs guy? where the arabmoney come from then?” #JambKweshion!

Where was i sef? ehen yes iTweet,Facebook,qeep,prodigits,chats,nairaland and few other fun fun fun is all i ever do online. My head is now a cinema! Any new track i got it free,download movies 24/7 even found ways to cheat my ISP*NOT feelin guilty bout that one sha* they can like to kiss viper! I mean na me be pirate,badtguy and hip one. sumtyms my good spirit be like; IS THIS WHY YOU ARE HERE? ogbeni fiyenle! Boys Are Not Smiling these days again!


Yes its school time,time for a Re-Birth. But shey i fit born again sha? Leave old things and come out clean? I dont smoke n i’m a 20% drinker so the internet has been my only addiction(apart from sex,suya,money,junk food,supras and a million others) 😛 When there is no light i make sure the generator is fueled and when gen spoil(due to excessive use) or no money for fuel.This is how it is:

1: Stay online on phone(samsung batteries na 30min e don off!) I swear i have 4 batteries and 2 don spoil sef,computer village people na thunder go fire una sha!

2: After phone battery goes off i turn on lapotop which is new n battery stays for between 80-100minutes. Within that time i plug in my USB and charge phone again. Continue my ventures online chattin up chics on fb or making peeps laugh on twitter or just complaining bout how my tweeps just bone my side.

3: Oh nooooooooo! Laptop is gonna hibernate in 3minutes 😦 wtf! its 100minutes already? shet! time flies o! (meanwhile i’v not brushed my teeth or had my bath..sometimes i pity chics who wake me up at home to say hi n stuffs) Not to worry…phones are charged. I plug in my ear-piece..enter playlist and scroll straight to ENI DURO ~ OLAMIDE …btw Samsung no be phone!…After jamming for bout 2hrs phone’s dead again. Now i check the time and its just 1pm *screams* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just 1PM? o_O what am i gonna do? how am i gonna survive? No Internet? ok i need to get occupied….go out? where? no money for e-center chicks jor! Go see my pals? hmmm nope they’d just drag me around with them playing pranks and walking in the sun plus the smooching of girls at the canteen(which i like) nah! people complain i hardly get calls n i think its cos i used blackberry for bout a year n i didnt ask for phone numbers during that time i only ask for PIN and just chat away! hardly ever have a real conversation,i hardly even know d names of my neighbors. BTW #LIGHTUPNIGERIA!

5: while thinking these things i’v started feeling withdrawal syndrome ; Start experiencing mental hunger…you ever felt hungry as in food hungry when you so bored and you know it aint food you need? datz it! start eating bread lol thats the only thing i get tired of ooo..then i eat and i get tired of eating i keep the rest n after 5minutes i wanna eat again smh:( I start gettin restless like i need crack…shet this is the worst cos i turn on my dead fone hoping it got solar charged or sumfin. some people say i need to get a life but tell you have one?

6: SLEEP….wow feels like the perfect yeah just got that fix iv been looking for. I just sleep cos when off the internet i feel frustrated. Did i hear you say STUDY? lmao! I opened my physics notebook to revise and next thing i know i’m wakin up 4hours later. Thats a challenege for another day i still spelling sh*t right? i think so.lemme check…oh shet! I skipped (4) lmao! I guess y’all wont even notice. My reader count is low cos i def aint impressin the blogger community so i dont think anyone is reading this far anyway! Just saying stuffs off my mind so i dont get heavy traffic up there anymore.pjew feels good already.

So ermmm back to the issue To smash my laptop or not? I’v had a physics assignment for days and i’v not even touched it, its due for tomorrow and i’m here typing on my laptop listening to music and tweetin nsh*t. Now is there a reason i shouldn’t smash it? Me neither..i dont think so. Its prayers that will get me through school cos i cant do it on my own o! Girls in school are so sexy and so plenty its like a blessing in lecture halls 😀 Maybe when i get my bicycle i’d ask them to Holla at your boi like whizkid lol


Oh oh! Dad is back and the music is so loud..Someborri please tell this physics assignment to stop staring me in the face o!  i’m just gonna look for where to copy from tomorrow…oh i got tutorials today by erm what time? lemme check ok 3pm. School is so boring and stressful…just gotta keep on practicing my freestylin maybe one day i’d hook up with M.I and get popular after one or 2 hit singles and i wont have to go through life in the hood 😀 …Damn i’m outta here! see y’all when i got time to say sh*t on here…Drop your comments below…dunno what y’all be commenting on buh “drop it like its hot” its a jonzing world! #OkBye