Another Pointless Post(APP)

Yup! Finally got time to post another one today. hmmm what am i talking bout? i have no effin idea! Anyway e don tey small wey i post oh. So whats this gonna be bout? hmmm seen my 1st semester result and damn! O badt gan 😦 . I fink imma bone dat side before i get moody again lol. 😀

Yeah howz y’all doing? Past few months the earth has been real busy oh. event no dey finish mehn. From Elections to Royal Wedding n Osama’s death n sturvz i dont even remember. Been fun reading stuffs on the news tho. Newscasters having a swell time i tell ya! hehe

My Blackberry got bad. MAJOR BAD NEWS. i havnt even recovered. 😦 I miss it so much buh i guess its one of those things distracting me lots so i’m gonna have to do away with it. Been going through bad times counting losses nshits buh what can i do? Guess its one ov them downtimes i read bout. reccession nshytz, I just pray God turns everything around real soon cos i dunno how much longer i can take it.

Been watching Spartacus,House and Vampire Diaries lately, keeping me relaxed. At least watching them drama keeps ma life drama free hehe. Chics issues? o bwoi just leave dat side abeg. story for another day.

Once again. If you’v read all i just wrote you’d prolly be asking yourself what you have gained or why you even bothered reading through. I sha know  Its better than that unilag amebo blog sha 😛

Ok lemme just give it a title and post jare so i can come back in God knows when and start another post saying Life’s been Great with me (AMEN).

I know what it feels like to be left alone and i pray none of you ever feel this way. Have a nice Life..New Week and all them prayers jare



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