So no Judgement day?

Ok i’m sitting here thinking… school tomorrow? fuck no! World was supposed to end yesterday na! 😦

I got so much on my mind right now! very disappointed. This is all i have to say! *throws laptop against the wall*


Judgement Day Is Saturday!!!

Hmmm time is short! every second counts! Some dude did this Numerology thingy and predicts Saturday May 21st is Judgement day!…as in JUDGEMENT D.A.Y! Scary shit huh?

Ok lets see… I got exams,birthdays and stuffs to do before then but hmmm. Saturday? i havnt been to church in a long time mahn!

Maybe i can skip study for this week,skip my test, go swimming. see a movie and kiss some random people on the streets then Repent on friday night! Good idea huh πŸ˜€

And if this is my last post on earth… i say fuckit! this shit aint epic lol.. I do hope i make heaven though. Don’t worry ye hell people i will still update my blogs from Heaven for y’all aiight πŸ˜‰

And yeah checkout the weather forcast lol Crazy niggaz on earth i tell ya!

But really forget about judgement day and think for a minute. Are you living your life in a Godly manner? That is the QUESTION!.

….Once again This has been Another Pointless Post :D…. Or Has It? πŸ˜›

Another Pointless Post(APP)

Yup! Finally got time to post another one today. hmmm what am i talking bout? i have no effin idea! Anyway e don tey small wey i post oh. So whats this gonna be bout? hmmm seen my 1st semester result and damn! O badt gan 😦 . I fink imma bone dat side before i get moody again lol. πŸ˜€

Yeah howz y’all doing? Past few months the earth has been real busy oh. event no dey finish mehn. From Elections to Royal Wedding n Osama’s death n sturvz i dont even remember. Been fun reading stuffs on the news tho. Newscasters having a swell time i tell ya! hehe

My Blackberry got bad. MAJOR BAD NEWS. i havnt even recovered. 😦 I miss it so much buh i guess its one of those things distracting me lots so i’m gonna have to do away with it. Been going through bad times counting losses nshits buh what can i do? Guess its one ov them downtimes i read bout. reccession nshytz, I just pray God turns everything around real soon cos i dunno how much longer i can take it.

Been watching Spartacus,House and Vampire Diaries lately, keeping me relaxed. At least watching them drama keeps ma life drama free hehe. Chics issues? o bwoi just leave dat side abeg. story for another day.

Once again. If you’v read all i just wrote you’d prolly be asking yourself what you have gained or why you even bothered reading through. I sha know Β Its better than that unilag amebo blog sha πŸ˜›

Ok lemme just give it a title and post jare so i can come back in God knows when and start another post saying Life’s been Great with me (AMEN).

I know what it feels like to be left alone and i pray none of you ever feel this way. Have a nice Life..New Week and all them prayers jare