Phone Sex

Phone sex is common among teenagers and adolescents. I am not saying adults don’t do it.  Phone sex could be oral or written. Thanks to blackberry messenger the latter has become more common. From peoples’ views, I heard it’s so fun, yet annoying because after everything has been said (typed) & done, one goes to bed alone horny. A mere late night chat leads to loads of things…….

Mr. Yinkxx:      hello

babydammy:    hi.

Mr. Yinkxx:      how are you doin?

babydammy:    I’m fine oh.  Right where you leave me.

Mr. Yinkxx:      #gbagaun

babydammy:  ode ni e. Mistake jo. U sha left me.

Mr. Yinkxx:      ah ahn! How can u say dat?I dint leave u jo.

babydammy:   yes, you did.

Mr. Yinkxx:      sowi, I’ve been busy with work.

babydammy:   I bliv u sha.So how are you doing?

Mr. Yinkxx:      doing fine, omo-boy gas hustle naw.

babydammy:   true! and how’s  your gf?

Mr. Yinkxx:      she’s fine, she hz traveld for 2weeks now.

babydammy:   ok

Mr. Yinkxx:      I miss u oh. Really long I saw u mehn. Esp that your smile

babydammy:   *iBlush*I miss u too.

Mr. Yinkxx:      when r we seeing sef?

babydammy:   depends on you now. You know babcock is on holiday, u’re the busy office guy.

Mr. Yinkxx:      lol… how about this weekend. We see a movie, then get drinks & go to my place.

babydammy:   if you say so oh.

Mr. Yinkxx:      I mean it jo.. u know I alwz love ur coypanyCompany*I cant wait to see you.

babydammy:   I cant wait to see you too. I like your DP, cute!

Mr. Yinkxx:      thanks hun. So what you doing atm?

babydammy:   nothing. Jus lying down & chatting with you dear.

Mr. Yinkxx:      same here. Lying down in my room alone.

babydammy:   don’t worry I’m coming to keep u company.

Mr. Yinkxx:     lol.. I so wish dear. I miss our last time out.

babydammy:  I miss it too. It was such a wonderful time.

Mr. Yinkxx:      I miss kissing u…

babydammy:   Hmmm.. I hear you. Dt made me close my eyes for a bit

Mr. Yinkxx:      looking forward to this weekend……wanna kiss ur lips, neck, boobs & tins

babydammy:   Omg.. pls stop Yinka. Don’t make me start thinking already.

Mr. Yinkxx:      & I will like u to kiss me back passionately.Making ur head fallin back when I kiss ur neck & touch ur boobsOnly if I cud make a wish rite now. You will appear in my room

babydammy:   Ughhhhh…Stop…I want!!!…… 😥

Mr. Yinkxx:      Tryin to get it off my head

babydammy:   In dt bit second, d feelin wz mad

Mr. Yinkxx:      I wish u cud just knock on my door rite now. I open up for you & ders this long silence & stare.

babydammy:   what will now apn after d long silence & stare *sigh*

Mr. Yinkxx:      Make u lean against wall, my right hand on ur cheek & d other on ur waist…kissing you affectionately

babydammy:   OMG!!!

Mr. Yinkxx:      Ur hands around me too

babydammy:   Jeez!!!!

Mr. Yinkxx:      Sliding my fingers into ur hair…as kiss goes on

babydammy:   u know jus how I like it. I am staring at your pic and biting my lips,*Dreaming n imagining*

Mr. Yinkxx:      My oda hand coming up slowly, caressing ur curves Ur moaning quietly too

babydammy:   OmfggggI miss u so much I wanna cry

Mr. Yinkxx:      Touching ur boobs Bending to kiss ur neck, lick ur ear

babydammy:   Ahhh!! Yinka, Uv killed me

Mr. Yinkxx:      Ur hands restlessly all over me

babydammy:   U sure knw how to get me

Mr. Yinkxx:      Touchin ur boobs as u rip off my shirt, I unlock ur bra wit a snap we lying down, & I’m just goin to suck on d boobs

babydammy:   OmgOmgOmgUr making me want you so much

Mr. Yinkxx:      you know I cant resist you

babydammy:   I am freaking turned on.

Mr. Yinkxx:      In a split second, ur top is off. D body kissing is more Slowly from ur cute lips Gently to ur neckHands on ur boobs & down & down

babydammy:   i picture u inside me already.Omg.. I’m wet Heart is beating real fast here Ohhhh lawd!

Mr. Yinkxx:      I want to slide ur panties to d left & lick u upTickle u wit my tongue

babydammy:   Oooooooooh myyyyyyy gawd!!!!

Mr. Yinkxx:      Tongue rubbing fast on ur c**t, as u grab your boobs firm

babydammy: OMGooooodnesssssss!!!I dnt thnk I’ve ever wanted you ths much b4Uv made me so horny

Mr. Yinkxx:      IMG01193-20091009-0222.jpg (57.89 KB)

babydammy:   OmggggggggggggggggI wantttttAhhhh

Mr. Yinkxx:      first tin on Saturday, even before movie.

babydammy:   pls yesss! Ths is sweet torture

Mr. Yinkxx:    My hard d**k point rite in front of ur V as I step to kiss u again

babydammy:   Ahhhh jeez

Mr. Yinkxx:      Licking ur lips

babydammy:   plsssss stop Ur making me want you yinka more thn everOmggggggI’m so freaking wet

Mr. Yinkxx:      I’m imagining u holding my dick

babydammy:   I promise to treat it way beta dan I’ve alwz don.

Mr. Yinkxx:      Awww I just held it.Hardest I eva seen A warm place it craves

babydammy:   Ahhh ths is so bad Gawd! I want u to slide inside me as slow as possible.

Mr. Yinkxx:      yes, baby..

babydammy:   than fast & good like u alwz did.Ok! Ok!! Ok!!! Stop!!!! I’m sorry I had to interrupt that.

Your guess is as good as mine; saturday went very fine & mad. But the remaining part of the night was terrible for yinka & dammy. I’m sorry if you felt restless while reading the convo. I really think this act should stop. Phone sex does more harm than good. Shikena!!! You can fix an appointment for your braps, but spare yourselves the torture.

N.B: this is not a porn blog, neither is it a #subliminal against you. I sense guilty conscience.


And Yes before i sign off. This post was STOLEN. yes i tiff am from follow him on twitter: @2ndelawal i guess i wont need a lawyer anymore since i’v mentioned him 🙂